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Meet our friendly and knowledgeable team who are aways willing to answer any questions, so you'll find the correct product for your needs.

With the legalization of cannabis not only a feat for all us connoisseurs, it brings jobs to the local community and reducing crime.  OVC is glad to be part of this new movement and is also using it as a vessel to give back to the community. Stop by Oregon Valley Cannabis for all your cannabis needs.


About OVC

A delicately smooth citrus, the sweet flavor of Blackberry Kush and pungent earthiness from PDX compliment each other perfectly in this CO2 concentrate. This company takes it one step further, adding terpenes sourced naturally from fruit. That’s right, this cartridge comes with a burst of tangerine fruitiness that’ll make you want to sip off it all day.

Select’s Family has a product for you no matter what your tolerance or what the occasion. We hold your hand every step of the way as you discover the joys of THC and CBD vaping.

Gummy vitamins were a big hit when they first entered the scene. Now, Wana Brands is offering consumers a new way to get their daily dose of CBD. Wana CBD Gummies are officially launching, and they’re awesome. Wana is one of the most popular brands of canna-infused treats around, and their new CBD gummies are a welcome addition to their product menu.

Unlike some disposable vape pens, the Avitas All-in-one is made of metal and feels very durable. It’s not too heavy, it just feels like you could throw it around and keep on puffing. To vape from it, all you have to do is take a pull from the top end.  The green LED on the other end will let you know that it’s heating the oil.

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